Festival in Tallinn

When: 7 June - 13 June 2021
Venue: Olympic Park Casino Tallinn
Buy-In: €550 Main Event
Happening in:

A Festival to remember

Welcome to The Festival in Tallinn 2021

The Festival in Tallinn and The Festival in Bratislava are just the first two events in a series of great games, friends and celebrations in amazing cities. So, 2020 didn’t turn out as we all expected, and yes, it is still impacting our daily lives. But one thing it cannot stop us enjoying is playing our favorite casual games.

The Festival series will combine the best of poker, casino and sports betting – all in one scene. Promising to provide the best experience we can by listening to YOU – the player. And adding exciting elements you want to see to our next events. Yes, there’s the possibility of winning big cash, but more importantly you get to meet old and new friends.

Our Tallinn stop will introduce competitive Roulette and Blackjack tournaments and once in Bratislava we will also introduce competitive Sportsbetting. All while hosting the various formats of poker cash games and tournaments that we know and love. Events will run 24/7 throughout the 7-day event. So amateur or not – you’re welcome join our family of players and punters.

Can’t play this one? Follow the event through our Twitch channel and join us in spirit until next time. Welcome to The Roulette Festival! Welcome to The Poker Festival! Welcome to The Fun Festival!


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The Festival in Tallinn (June 7th – 13th 2021) – Overview

Dates Poker Main Event: June 8th – 12th
Roulette Main Event: June 7th – 11th
Blackjack Main Event: June 7th – 11th
Location Tallinn, Hilton Park & Olympic Park Casino
Buyin Poker Main Event: €550
Roulette Tournament: €250
Blackjack Tournament: €250
Side events 24 Side Events (Buyins: €20 – €2.000)
Accommodation Hilton Tallinn Park, Park Inn Tallinn
Activities Daily activities for all package holders (details coming up)
Packages €1.100 – €2.000 (including tickets for the main events, accommodation and access to all player activities)
» Register directly
Qualify Qualify online with one of our partners (details coming up)
» How to qualify online
Covid Contingency In case the event cannot be held or you cannot come to Tallinn due to Covid restrictions, tickets and packages roll over to The Festival in Bratislava (September).
» Covid Contingency Policy

Covid Contingency

We are aware that we are in uncharted waters, planning a huge event while COVID is a major international factor. The Olympic Casino in Tallinn has been following strict health measures since last spring and was able to offer live casino games most of the year. We are confident, it will be the same this spring and summer.

Of course we have a backup plan, if things don’t work out. Tickets and packages will roll over to the next event and we make sure, no player is left with unusable tickets if they cannot make it to Tallinn due to COVID restrictions.

More details in our » Covid Contingency

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