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  • The Festival Series Explains: Win Your Ticket To Rozvadov

The Festival Series Explains: Win Your Ticket To Rozvadov

The Festival Series Explains: Win Your Ticket To Rozvadov

You might have already seen them passing by in the lobby of your iPoker operator, The Festival Series Rozvadov online satellite tournaments. iPoker recently launched a major satellite structure for our next event, where you can grind your way up with by starting at as low as €0,20!

From May 31st until June 9th, we will be the guest of European's hotspot of live poker, King's Casino in Rozvadov. With plenty of opportunities for everyone to qualify for this event through online satellite tournaments. Lately we have been asked quite frequently: What are these pre-satellites (feeder satellites)? Let's dive into it, to try and unravel the definition of these tournaments so you can get yourself to Rozvadov in the best possible way!

Hop on the Rozvadov Train

Most of us poker players are well-known with satellite tournaments. They arise in different formats, durations, and sizes. You can find them in every single poker client online, as well as being part of any type of live poker series in the world. These qualifier tournaments are invented to give players who usually do not have much chances to visit a live event, a more realistic opportunity to win a package or a seat-only event, and try to chase that 'one time' by playing a tournament which might be a bit higher as they usually play. Of course, regular players also play such tournaments, to try and decrease the costs for such live event.

For The Festival Series, and in specific the iPoker Network qualifiers, these tournaments come along with numerous of feeder satellites (Read: Pre-Satellites). The iPoker Network recently came up with a grand qualifier schedule for our next event, where you can win full packages worth €1,600, as well as €550 tickets for the Main Event. A grand total of more than €55,000 in guaranteed prizes!

Grind your Way to the Top

Let's start from the bottom here.

The lowest satellite tournaments which are available go with a buy-in of €0,20 and will guarantee multiple tickets worth €3. Another tournament which belongs to the same category are the €0,50 tournaments, where you can win a ticket worth €5.

With these step-1 tournaments you can make your way up to either a €3, €5, €10, or a €15 tournament, who go by the name: step-2. And here is where it really starts to kick off, as these are the final-step tournaments which bring you to the Main Stage of online qualifiers for The Festival Series. Multiple tickets are guaranteed in most of these tournaments, and they have a worth of €25/€50 or even €100.

Everything in one overview:

€0.205x per day€3 ticketMulti Tickets GTD
€0.503x per day€5 ticketMulti Tickets GTD
€39x per day€10/15/25 ticketMulti Tickets GTD
€52x per day€50 ticket1/2x €50 GTD
€103x per day€100 Day-1 Ticket1/2x €100 GTD
€152x per day€100 Day-1 Ticket1/2x €100 GTD

The Final Countdown

The final satellites are the €25/€50 where you can win a Main Event seat, and the €100 where you can win a full package for our next event. These 'Final' tournaments are being held for the Seat-Only's on Monday and Friday, whereas the €100 phase satellites are are available multiple times a day.

  • €550 Main Event Ticket - The Festival Series Rozvadov
  • €1,600 Full Package - The Festival Series Rozvadov

Day 1s€1004x per dayPhase Structure
Day 2 (Final)€-Sunday5/5/6/8  x €1,600 GTD
Seat-Only€25Friday2x €550 Seats GTD
Seat-Only€50Monday2x €550 Seats GTD

Book your Hotel for The Festival Series 2024

Are you not a fan of online satellite tournaments and prefer to book your way to Rozvadov in the easy way? Make sure to check out our Hotel-page, where you can find the entire price list of the hotel rooms we have to offer through The Festival Series.

If you happened to have missed out on any of the information previously shared, do not worry! Visit our social media channels, where we will keep you posted about important info about accommodations, travel options, tournament spotlights, and much more!