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Roulette Tournament

Roulette Tournament

Roulette is one of the oldest and one of the most popular casino games. It is offered in almost every casino and online gaming platform and is therefore also one of the most played games of chance.

While roulette was originally characterized by the fact that you could go to a corresponding table and leave it again at any time, this characteristic becomes a little blurred in roulette tournaments. The principle of poker tournaments has been copied and transferred to roulette. Instead of playing against the house, players compete against other roulette players. The winner is the player who achieves the largest balance within the given time or number of rounds. However, not only the first player wins prizes, but also the players in the following places, depending on the number of participants will receive prize money.

How does a roulette tournament work?

The buy-in for a roulette tournament is fixed and applies to all players. At the start, each player receives the same number of chips.

It is important to note that the chips do not have direct monetary value but are labeled with a fictitious, usually significantly higher value. This prevents the relatively small stake from being lost immediately. The chips for tournaments in real casinos are generally in a different color than the normal chips with a fixed value. Before the tournament starts the players are seated around a table based on a seat draw. The game is then played like normal roulette but with a couple of twists -  ultimately the goal is to be the last man standing or have the most amount of chips after the flight/tournament has ended.

If a player runs out of money during the re-entry period of the tournament, the player has the option of re-entry. If he decides against a re-entry he is eliminated from the tournament. The player can choose to buy into another starting flight.

Just make sure to keep track of your opponent’s bets.

Roulette Tournament
Roulette Tournaments: You're playing against the other players, not the dealer

The Festival Series Roulette Tournament Rules

General Rules

  • Buy-in to the tournament will be done at the Tournament Cashdesk and the player receives a tournament ticket
  • Once your flight starts, exchange the tournament ticket for a seating card in the designated tournament area
  • One Roulette wheel is used for the tournament, each table has a roulette "felt" for placing bets.
  • Each table has its own croupier
  • Each round consists of a certain number of spins, which are divided into levels.
  • Within these levels, there are minimum and maximum bet limits set in terms of the number of chips allowed for betting. This ensures that on the first spin, it's not possible to either lose or win the tournament. Additionally, it ensures gameplay success for those who prefer to play strategically rather than relying solely on blind luck.
  • Players must always place one min. bet per spin.
  • Tables will have a maximum of 6-7 players and each player will receive "X" chips
  • Players start a game with starting chips. Each Festival Series Stop has a different amount of chips in play so make sure to check the exact number before you start playing.
  • There is a button in play that will move one player every hand and cards will be dealt, and all action will start after the button (just like in poker).
  • The bets must adhere to the min and max that will change as the game progresses.
  • If a player runs out of chips they are out. During a certain amount of hands, players are allowed to make a re-buy which allows them to start the game again with a starting stack. Again, at each Festival Series stop, a different amount of spins allowed for re-buy.
  • The player with the most chips after "X" spins goes through and plays in the following round with a fresh chip stack.

Playing Rules

  • All tables will be using the same wheel and the same spins the whole tournament will effectively be hand-in-hand.
  • All players will be drawn out at different tables. Max 6-7 players per table.
  • Players will have 2 minutes to place bets before the spin.
  • No more bets will be called and the ball will be spun at this point.
  • At the end of the spin, the dealers will dolly the number, clear the layout, and payout.
  • Once all pay-outs are completed the next betting spin will begin.
  • All players must adhere to the minimum and maximum bets of each spin, to assist in policing this the players will only be given color up to the max bet amount. All other chips will be in larger denomination chips that will be unplayable and should not be handled by the player these will be in racks in front of the player so everyone can see what stacks players have.
  • Players found to be trying to bend the above rules will receive a penalty at the discretion of the TD.
  • No call bets will be taken it is purely a colour game.
  • Buy-In: €110+15

Overall rules

  • Preround(s) each table plays as an individual tournament so to qualify for the next step/phase you need to beat players who are playing with you in the same table
  • Depending on the players on the table, the best 1-2 players will qualify for the next step/phase.
  • A maximum of 6-7 players will participate in the final, and the winner will be determined based on a predetermined number of spins.
  • The exact monetary payouts will be determined after the start of the tournament and the final number of players. Any deal must leave 10% of the remaining prize pool for 1st place



  • Each player will receive a chip stack of 250.
  • Each Heat consists of 15 spins of the Wheel
  • Lowest chip denomination: 1 chip
  • outside bets 5 chips, maximum 100 chips (inside + outside together)
  • Players are required to place at least the minimum bet required on each spin. Should a player not place the minimum bet, the dealer will instruct the player they are not staking enough and failure to comply will forfeit the minimum bet amount for the player
  • Top 2 players from each table advance to round 2. If a table only has 2 players left, the table closes and both participants have advanced to round 2.


  • All players start with a new stack of 250 chips
  • Each Heat consists of 12 spins of the Wheel
  • Lowest chip denomination: 5 chip
  • Top 2 players from each table advance to round 3. If a table only has 2 players left, the table closes and both participants have advanced to the next round.


  • All players start with a new stack of 250 chips
  • Betting rounds and set-up as day 2
  • The player with the biggest stack wins the tournament