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The Festival Community Partners

The Festival Community Partners

The Festival Series partners with many poker communities, streamers and Facebook groups. This is the list of all our community partners for The Festival:



Lemonsdogspani is an esports and poker streamer who is active on Twitch and streams some of our Festival Satellites. He is also founder & community manager of the Esportal beta.esportal.se and owner of the Swedish old-school e-sport club Lemondogs.

Ceky Poker Blog

ČEKY Poker Blog

ČEKY Poker Blog is a Slovakian poker blog run by Peter Čeky. He is a Poker blogger, organizes private poker games and offers first-hand insights into poker tournaments and games via his unique blog.


Spadepoker Logo

Spadepoker is the largest Online Poker news site for the Czech, Slovakian and Hungarian markets. The site offers daily poker news, tournament life blogs, strategy pieces as well as in-depth casino information and timetables.

Malta Poker Fish Logo

Malta Poker Fish

Malta Poker Fish is a Malta-based Facebook community with 3,000 members, mostly focused on live poker in any of the three casinos in Malta. Everyone who is playing poker in Malta should join this group for updates and information about ongoing events on the Island.


Steven “BlindGuy789” Iglesias

Steven and Daniel together are BlindGuy789. Steven Iglesias is a legally blind poker player. Along with his friend Daniel being his eyes, he is able to compete in the beautiful game of poker.

They can be found streaming live on Twitch almost every day.

Win TV Logo

Win TV

Win TV is a Twitch channel that produces entertaining casino streams. They focus mostly on slot streams and are on air every day for multiple hours. Streams and chat are mostly in Estonian.

Ylva Thorsrud (Jevakim)

Ylva Thorsrud is a Norwegian poker player and streamer who is active online on Twitch multiple times a week.

On her Twitch channel, you will find engaging, interactive poker streams of online various tournaments and cash games.


Youplaygroup.it is an Italian Poker, Casino and Sports betting portal that compares operators runs a blog, and provides useful information for Italian sports bettors and poker players.


TobyandHutch is a casino slot streamer. He is often accompanied by his loyal bulldog named Hutch. Together they are pushing the slots to their limits

» Watch TobyandHutch Twitch Channel


Doddy is an English born online slot streamer. Providing online comedy and gambling entertainment daily.

» Watch Doddy Twitch Channel


Haddzy is an online Casino content creator with a passion for sports and slots. You will find long streams and big bets on his channel.

» Meet Haddzy


We are two gamblers based in Malta which are collecting so many max wins which is insane! Called ZOLE and ALINA, together Zoan with a awesome community! Come and join us it's going to be SICK!

» Meet Haddzy

Value Town

Value Town is a multifaceted Swedish community with a focus on poker, betting, fantasy football and gambling in general open to anyone over the age of 18.


PokerHopper is your spot online for all things poker, especially if you're into live events. They have got you covered with real-time updates and full schedules. PokerHopper is like your trusty guide in the poker world, helping you explore new poker adventures together!

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Herzdamen Club

We´re the first poker club for women in Europe, committed to promoting women in poker scheme, increasing female participation in tournaments, and nurturing women´s poker skills.

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SpokersBowl is an Estonian community that brings together poker players who are also sports enthusiasts. In addition to playing poker together, they also discuss and analyze exciting sports events on a weekly basis, all with a humorous twist.

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do - Pele

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