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Sportsbook Tournaments

Sportsbook Tournaments

Sportsbook tournaments or sports betting tournaments are competitions in which players bet on sports events. But they are not playing against the house or the bookkeeper, but against other players. Usually, a sports betting tournament lasts several days and requires players to predict the results of multiple games.

This article explains how sports betting tournaments work and gives some tips on how to increase the chance of winning one.

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Key Facts: Sportsbook Tournaments

» In sportsbook tournaments, you play against other players, not the house.
» All tournament players start with the same number of chips.
» Players gain or lose chips for each match depending on their bets and the match result.
» The overall winner will get the lion's share of the prize money but there is more than one prize.
» A leaderboard shows the scores during the tournament.
» You win by predicting the matches better than your opponents and by correctly predicting huge upsets.

Details About Sports Betting Tournaments

  • Register to a tournament and place your predictions. You can place or change predictions until the match starts.
  • Each match has a certain amount of chips in it that will be divided between players who have predicted the most accurate result.
  • The amount of chips per match is calculated from the number of players registered for the tournament and the weight of the match. Some matches can have a higher impact on the total chips of the tournament than others, pay attention to the chip number next to a match to see how it compares to other matches.
  • You can see the other players' predictions on a certain match from the match statistics button once the match has started.
  • Total chips of each match will be divided between winners no later than 1h after the match ends. You can see the rankings of the tournament from the tournament detail view.
  • Winners of the tournament are the players who have earned the most chips by the end of the last match.

Different prediction types in tournaments


Score prediction

  • Predict the score of the game.
  • Winners will be the players who have predicted the score most accurately.
  • Total chips of the match will be shared between winners no later than 1 hour after the match has ended.
Head to Head

Head to head prediction

  • Predict the result of the match. You can not predict scores here. You need to pick who wins the match or if it is a draw.
  • Winners will be the players who have predicted the result most accurately.
  • Total chips of the match will be shared between winners no later than 1 hour after the match has ended.

How The Festival Sportsbook Tournaments Work

During The Festival you will not only be offered a large variety of poker tournaments, a Roulette tournament and a Black Jack tournament, you can also participate in our Sportsbook tournament!

Just as the name suggests this tournament is all about predicting different sports events and matches. The Festivals sportsbook tournament uses the software of play.thefestivalcom.wpengine.com and here you will find the matches to predict during the tournament.
There is a fixed buy-in of €225+€25 for all players and the aim is to gather more points than all the other players by predicting the games played.

The format of the matches may vary a bit but normally you predict about 15 matches in soccer or ice hockey, and both the 1X2-market and over/under a specified number of goals. The points given for a correct prediction may also vary since it depends on how many of your opponents also have the correct result, eg. if a huge favorite wins and most of your opponents have that result you will only gain very few points, but if you manage to pick a huge upset winner you can potentially earn a lot of points.

Some of the matches will be shown in the Casino and you can follow all the scores on the Leaderboard at play.thefestivalcom.wpengine.com.

Play our Sportsbook Tournaments here:

» play.thefestivalcom.wpengine.com