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About us

About us
The Festival Logo

The Festival Series aims to combine the best of poker, casino games and sports betting – all in one event. It is our goal to provide the best experience we can by listening to our players. At the events of The Festival Series, there’s the possibility to win big cash, but the side events and activities offside the table are a central part of the experience. Players at The Festival get to meet old and new friends and enjoy poker and casino games all over Europe.

So far, The Festival Series has been to Bratislava (2021), Tallinn (2022) and Bratislava (2022) with more stops being planned.

Events at The Festival Series

The Festival Series offers a lot of different events and types of events. Besides poker games in many different formats and variants, players can also play several casino tournaments and at least one sports betting competition at each stop of The Festival Series.



No Limit Hold'em
Sviten Special
Open Face Chinese



Blackjack Events
Roulette Events
Slot Tournaments


Sportsbook Tournaments

Sportsbook Tournaments

The Festival Series Team

Head of the Team and Founder: Martin "Franke" von Zweigbergk, Sweden

Head of Poker at Acroud/ Head of Poker at Pokerlistings.com : Mauritz Altikardes, Sweden

Content writer: Melvin Schroën, NL

IT support: Björne Lindberg, Sweden

Content writer/Blogger: Jason Glatzer, Lithuania

Head of Design Team: Aleksandr Krasulin, Estonia

Head of Production Team: Sten Palling, Estonia

Head of Social Media Team: Jesper Larsson, Sweden

Head of Photographing: Mairo Toom, Estonia

Special "Thank You" Team: Christel (social media, Estonia), Nikita & Siim (video production, Estonia), George & Jeraint "JJ" Hazan (TV-commentators)

We appreciate your previous help! Thank You: Arved

Of course, many others have also played a very big role in the success of the whole event. We would also like to thank all our pleasant partner companies and cooperation partners with whom we have worked hand in hand all these years.

Meet The Festival Fictional Character Team

The Story Teller: The Story Teller is a fictional character who enjoys nature and listening to bird songs in his free time. As the name suggests, his main job is to tell stories

Brenda - Advocate: Advocate is a fictional character created by The Festival Team to warn players of any kind of gambling habit. A great cook, even though she has never cooked anything in his life

Mike, an amateurish and struggling player - Mike is an amateur and struggling professional poker player who no longer plays poker as a profession, but has found a new hobby: playing poker as an amateur. In addition, Mike is also a great singer.

LF aka "Legendary Footballer" NSLF aka "Not So Legendary Footballer": LF and NSLF are former twin football players. They watch a lot of Sports - Football, Basketball, Ice-Hockey, Water Polo

Franke: It is Franke's responsibility to let our players know where to go. He has already been everywhere.

IT Nerd: The IT Nerd makes sure that everything runs smoothly on the website. More than anything else in life, what Mike hates most is when an IT nerd hits his computer with an ax.

All of the fictitious characters mentioned are fictional characters, the responsibility for the creative process lies with the members of the SpokersBowl team.