Konstantinos Leads Last 31 in the Main Event

Main Event chip leader Fotios Konstantinos

Today saw the 218 survivors of the 573 entries from the four start days coalesce into a single Day 2. With registration still open until the end of the first break, though, that wasn't the final number - over the course of Levels 11 and 12, another 48 entries/re-entries were registered, resulting in a final field of 621 players, hitting the official €300,000 guarantee (although a small percentage of that has been withheld by the casino for various reasons, so the prizepool that's actually being paid out is €294,975). It was determined that 71 places would pay out, with a min-cash paying €1,000 and first place taking home €59,000 in the fullness of time.

Overall chip leader at the start of Day 2 was Pavol Melichar on 223k, and he used his massive stack well - he's survived Day 2 as well, and we'll be seeing him in tomorrow's Day 3. Incidentally, tomorrow may turn out to be the final day of this Main Event - with only ....... players remaining, the tournament director was debating earlier whether to play down to a winner tomorrow. We'll keep you updated on whether that happens; either way, the final table will be livestreamed direct from Banco Casino to your computer.

Chip leader going into Day 3 is Fotios Konstantinos with a massive 1,665,000 - way ahead of the next guy. Thirty-one players remain, with the following stacks:

Fotios Konstantinos1665k
Igor Panak1070k
Bernhard Haider790k
Erik Seffer785k
Peter Hanke685k
Filip Sramka680k
Martin Mauthner680k
Thomas De Rooij560k
Jozef Krajan560k
Marjan Mitrovski550k
Mihaly Jancso535k
Andras Matrai530k
Aare Haapsal485k
Tor Welo465k
Panagiotis Chantzaras460k
Miroslav Lelek455k
Viktor Eriksson385k
Frank Reichel380k
Aleksandar Tomovic365k
David Vedral330k
Mario Eder300k
Michal Janczarski150k
Tomche Spaseski145k

And these are the Main Event results so far:

32Andras Halasi€1,800
33Juraj Valasky€1,500
34Tomas Vojtek€1,500
35Vladimir Bednar€1,500
36Devid Berlin€1,500
37Daniel Koloczar€1,500
38Peter Bergman€1,500
39Didier Pirard€1,500
40Daniele Grassi€1,500
41Pavel Chalupka€1,200
42Patrik Ciklamini€1,200
43Quoc Ly€1,200
44Leo Worthington-Leese€1,200
45Robert Sloboda€1,200
46Martin Ilavsky€1,200
47Peter Varga€1,200
48Carina Wald€1,200
49Robin Hegele€1,200
50Kristoffer Winterstein€1,200
51Alexandros Erotorritou€1,200
52Marcin Stachyra€1,200
53Lars Eklund€1,200
54Ninni Malmi€1,200
55Richard Vladar€1,200
56Luka Bojovic€1,200
57Sami Pullianen€1,000
58Sandor Dudas€1,000
59Stefan Reiser€1,000
60Robert Manner€1,000
61Kaider Viikman€1,000
62Jonas Kovacs€1,000
63Tiikka Tiensuu€1,000
64Jiri Kocab€1,000
65Ondrej Jakubcik€1,000
66Peter Muhlbek€1,000
67Davide Saitta€1,000
68Peter Cekan€1,000
69Daniel Holmedahl€1,000
70Patrick Jowa€1,000
71Fabian Gumz€1,000

Elsewhere, the €200 + €20 Pokerlistings Deepstack drew 194 players, of whom 138 are still in at the time of writing. The extremely silly €100 + €10 Open Face Chinese Pineapple Shootout had 27 runners, all of whom looked like they were having an amazing time, and the final of the €225 + €25 Roulette Championship is just getting underway. There are cash games going on in the casino to suit all pockets as well - I haven't seen it myself, but there's a rumour going around that they're currently spreading everything from €1/€2 NLH right up to an eyewatering €50/€50 PLO game.

Your famished bloggers are now heading out to find some dinner, plus our blood alcohol levels are worryingly low, but we'll be right back here in the casino from noon tomorrow, when we'll be playing down to at least a final table, and possibly a winner.