A Bit on the Side

By the by, today's not just about the Main Event - we have a veritable cornucopia of side events to keep you occupied once you've gone through your two Day 1a rebuys.

First up is the €200 + €20 PLO Masters at 5pm, swiftly followed by Day 1b of the intensely amusing and somewhat experimental €225 + €25 Blackjack Championship. At 7pm the Acroud Charity Tournament kicks off - sadly that one's invite only, but we'll be livestreaming all the action for your entertainment right here on The Festival site via Twitch. And at 9pm, you have the choice of either the €30 + €5 supersat to the Main Event, or - and this is my personal favourite - Day 1b of the high-volume, adrenaline-fuelled shouting match that is the glorious €225 + €25 Roulette Championship. Take your pick!