Come On, Komorny!

I arrived on the 5 K 6 and both Jozef Komorny (utg) and Marcin Stachyra (late position) had put over 10k each into the pot, although I got there too late to tell you who acted first. The turn was the 2 which both players checked, leading them directly to the river - the 9 . This time Komorny bet out 20k, forcing Stachyra into the tank - a call would suck up almost half his remaining stack. Nevertheless, after a few moments Stachyra called - only to make a sound like air escaping from a balloon when Komorny turned over 7 8 for the straight.

"I push all in on the turn, you call?" he asked, throwing his own hand into the muck.

"Of course," said Komorny, possibly telling the truth - who knows?

"Oh my god," lamented Stachyra, his face in his hands as he contemplated his remaining 24k with less than half an hour left of Day 1b. Meanwhile it looks as though Komorny is our new chip leader on over 190k.