Come to Tallinn & Save Money with our Hotel Deals for Festival Players

Come to Tallinn & Save Money with our Hotel Deals for Festival Players

With only 50 days left until the start of our Festival in Tallinn, it's becoming high time for you to book your package and make travel arrangements.

Welcome to Tallinn

Tallinn is easy to reach from most destinations in Europe. There are direct flights from Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Berlin, London, Paris, Warsaw, and many other cities. If you book your flights now you will be most likely able to get discount prices. You can check how to get to Tallinn and the casino here: How to get to Tallinn.

You can get your tournament entries, accommodation and our hospitality package all sorted for you if you register via our web site: Register for the Festival in Tallinn.

Get our Hotel Deals

Hilton Hotel in Tallinn
Hilton Hotel in Tallinn

If you're planning your visit on your own, we recommend you take a look at our hotel deals. The Festival will be held in the Olympic Park Casino which is inside the Hilton Hotel in the center of the city.

Most of the rooms are already sold out for the Festival week, but some are still available. We have a deal with the Hotel and you can get the rooms a bit cheaper if you use our referral code when booking a room.

We have similar deals with Radisson Blu and Radisson Central which are less than one kilometer away from the casino.

You can check the hotels and our deals here: Festival Hotels in Tallinn.

Just win a package online!

The cheapest way to get to The Festival in Tallinn is most likely by winning a package - at least if you know how to play satellite poker tournaments!

Our partners are playing out multiple packages each weekend with buy-ins between 50 and 130 Euros.

You can check all the Satellites here: Qualify for The Festival series online.