Cracking Aces made easy

Nikolaos Tsitos
Nikolaos Tsitos with the power to crack aces on the river

Aces are a rather tricky hand in Hold’em. You either win a small pot or you lose a big one. At least that’s what people say about this. Then of course you can do everything right with Aces and still lose more than half your stack. That’s what Jaako Kaeyhkoe just experienced.

On 9-6-2-7 Turn he called an all-in with A-A against Nikolaos Tsitos. Tsitos held Q-9 for a meagre top pair and was more than halfway out the main event. But he spiked a Queen on the river and doubled up to almost 30k. Meanwhile Kaeyhkoe is down to one third of the starting stack.