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The Festival playing cards by Dal Negro
The Festival playing cards by Dal Negro

The Festival Series is proud to announce that it is partnering with the Italian card manufacturer Dal Negro. The cards have a unique design and are of the highest quality. Players can win decks of Dal Negro Cards in the giveaways that we will run throughout the Festival Series.

With its own historic Italian brand, Teodomiro Dal Negro fabbrica carte da gioco is the oldest company of master papermakers still active in Italy and still managed by the heirs of the family of origin.

The production tradition of playing cards of the now famous dynasty that has linked its name to playing cards has its roots in the eighteenth century.

The House of Cards

Dal Negro Casino Logo

An authentic passion, handed down from generation to generation, able to connect youngsters and adults, grandparents and children.

  • Sociality, enjoyment, the pleasure of playing and learning together, the sharing of moments of joy with family or friends through play: Dal Negro is all this: two centuries of history dedicated to playing cards, card games, traditional wooden games and today also a selection of toys to get people of all ages to play together.
  • Tradition, quality, joviality, passion and innovation. These are the core values of Dal Negro which with its entrepreneurial philosophy keeps in step with the times.

Brand Identity

Dal Negro Brand

History, innovation, modernity but always with an eye towards tradition. When thinking about a "new" brand identity, we were willing to be sure to convey at best all the values that have guided us from the year of our foundation till today. Today, like yesterday, play and the world of cards represent our CORE.

Our new corporate logo is a deliberate return to the past with salute to the present. The storied green hand holding the ace of hearts combined with the design of our brand name in
the now-iconic red that distinguishes us.

Green to portray renewal, vitality and growth; white to symbolize a "new" beginning but also refinement and completeness. Lastly our red: the colour of passion and of our heart. A distinctive and iconic logo, in the three colours that together symbolize our Italianity.

Dal Negro: the playing cards with a legacy

Dal Negro Company

Playing cards, card games and tarot cards, as of today still are the core business of the company. They promote positive things like fellowship, friendship, fun and remembrance; when received as a gift they evoke appreciation and gratitude.

It is not known where they come from, but they are part of our life, almost as if they were a present received by who knows who. They are one of those gifts that you hold on to, because they remind you of something: a summer morning with your grandfather or a cold winter afternoon spent by the fireplace.

Playing cards have always been a presence throughout our lives, giving us the feeling of understanding the value of time.

Dal Negro: traditional classic games with artisanale quality

Classic traditional board games in wood and high quality materials to be handed down from parent to child through generations. Unique and elegant pieces; refined products with prestigious finishes designed and manufactured to the highest standards by esteemed craftsmen with modern but artisanale manufacturing techniques.

An ongoing technological research, the evolution of production processes and a thorough attention to raw materials has allowed Dal Negro to represent the quality of Made in Italy. We chose the platinum colour to symbolize exclusivity, "eternal" resistance, preciousness given by scarcity and the prestige in owning something unique.

Dal Negro: Italian quality and tradition

The focus of the company has always been and remains the use of top-notch production materials and respect for tradition. Over the years we have refined our techniques of making playing cards reaching high standards of quality and safety, so as to be leaders in the field of cards for professionals and casino cards.

We have associated this new logo with the colour gold. The colour of extravagance, quality, prestige and sophistication.

Dal Negro: life is play

A simple but meaningful philosophy that embraces the whole family. For generations, we have bought sociality, fun, conviviality, and passion in the families, among
groups of friends and during holidays.

Today more than ever, we want to continue to bring joy but also transmit something more: have fun playing and learning.

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