Double Double

We're well into Level 6 in the Main Event (blinds/BB ante 400/800/800), and it's getting towards do-or-die time for a lot of the shorter stacks. Two players who have survived their latest brush with fate are Jack Hardcastle at Table 35 and Juho Heiska on Table 34.

Jack Hardcastle won a coinflipwith J J against Zsolt Zanati's A Q ; Hardcastle tried to provoke the poker gods by calling out "Diamond!" on the flop, but it didn't appear; instead the board ran out 8 2 10 5 7 and he safely doubled up. He and Zanati are on 35k apiece now, although obviously moving in opposite directions.

Meanwhile Juho Heiska, reduced to less than 10k, took a gamble on J 10 preflop and got a call from Dominik Znasik holding A K . A jack on the turn of the 2 6 5 J 2 board secured him a double up to 20k or so - still significantly below his starting stack - while Znasik didn't look happy but in reality barely felt it and is still riding high on 110k.