Down to four in the Sviten Special

Jacks not good enough for Tobias Hausen
Jacks not good enough for Tobias Hausen

The last hand before the first break of the day saw Tobias Hausen in an unfortunate 3 way all-in with Rolf Galaasen and Hanna Arnesson. While Rolf had a flush on the hand and took down the draw side of the pot, Hanna had two pair in the omaha hand to win the other side pot. Tobias who held unimproved Jacks was left with no chips after this hand and left with €550 prize money – at least he made twice the buy-in.

Those are the chip counts going into the break:

  • Rolf Galaasen: 610k
  • Hanna Arnesson: 340k
  • George Sandford: 150k
  • Jens Riis: 45k