Final Table Set

Adi Rajkovic is our glorious chip leader. Martin Mauthner is proud to be the short stack, and is very happy that the unlit cigarette he's had hanging out of his mouth all day has made it to the final. In seat order:

1Peter Hanke2,545,000
2Adi Rajkovic4,215,000
3David Vedral1,865,000
4Martin Mauthner790,000
5Fotios Ntamaris1,665,000
6Viktor Eriksson1,170,000
7Dushko Bogoevski3,080,000
8Henry Mania1,830,000
9Erik Šeffer1,495,000

From here on in we'll be blogging along with the live stream - going live in around half an hour. We'll keep you posted....