Flush Draw V Flush Draw

I had just scrawled down Marian Flesar's table and seat number on my big-stack trawl of the Main Event area when he managed to lose a big chunk of his stack.

Several players had paid to see a 3 8 8 flop, and it checked around to Flesar on the button who bet 9k. It folded all the way around to Frank Reichel (pictured), who moved in for 41k. Flesar made the call, and soon discovered that they were both on the same flush draw, Reichel holding the better one. A few moments later Flesar had gone from one of the chip leaders to a merely modestly above-average stack.

Flesar: Q 4
Reichel: A 10

Turn and river respectivlely: 2 and 5

Reichel doubled up to around 90k, while Flesar dropped back to 125k.