Franke refuses to slow play

Big heart, fast action: Franke

The brain behind The Festival Series is determined to finally not bust early in one of the events. He’s hanging in there in in Main Event and it looks like he’s playing proper poker. For now.

We saw him win a nice small pot when he called a three-bet the hi-jack against Didier Pirard. On a A 6 5 flop Pirard c-bet and Franke called. The turn came 4 and Franke immediately slid out a bet worth less than one fifth of the pot. Pirard almost immediately folded his hand and Franke turned over A 4 for a turned two pair that he refused to slow-play.

With the pot being shoved his way he stacks a wee bit under 30k chips. We’re sure he’ll put those chips to good use in the next orbits.