Galaason Leads Sviten Special

After almost an hour of chopped pots, we're down to seven players in the Sviten Special. Rolf Galaasen, already massive chip leader, knocked out Markus Pitkanen with a flopped Omaha full house and two pair in his draw hand, and is now in possession of more than a third of the chips in play.

When play resumes tomorrow at 1pm (this time downstairs in the casino), the seating and stacks will look like so:

Seat 1: Tobias Hausen - 116k
Seat 2: Rolf Galaasen - 380k
Seat 3: Matteo Crapanzana - 62k
Seat 4: George Sandford - 147k
Seat 5: Jens Riis - 48k
Seat 6: Peter La Terra - 242k
Seat 7: Hanna Arnesson (who incidentally won the Swedish Sviten Special Championship in Tallinn last month) - 106k

Five place pay out, and this is what they'll be playing for:

1 – €2,882
2 – €1,758
3 – €1,055
4 – €773
5 – €562