Gargamies Spins to Victory

In side event news, the Roulette Championship was won last night by Twitch streamer and The Festival partner Tommi "Gargamies" Heimonen with the maximum of shouting, drinking etc. Great event. Here are the full results:

1Tommi Heimonen€2,500
2Joni Helenius€1,750
3Sami Pulliainen€1,340
4Ilmari Sukanen€980
5Lauri Kangas€680
6Mattias Alanko€400

Elsewhere, we understand that Franke von Zweigbergk scored his first cash after falling short in about eight events, we lost count. His score came in the mindbending €100 + €10 Open Face Chinese Pineapple Shootout - we'll have full results for that with you shortly.