George Sandford Wins the Sviten Special

Rolf Galaasen had held a massive chip lead since there were 13 players left, but he held a substantial chip disadvantage against George Sandford by the time I wandered down to the casino to watch the heads up (reigning Swedish Sviten champion Hanna Arnesson having succumbed in third place just before I arrived).

Galaasen, a glass of red wine on the side table to his left, raised to 50k from the button, the blinds at 10k/20k. Sandford (two beers and a whiskey on his side table - good man) called, and they saw a 4 Q 10 flop. I'm not sure who did the shoving and who the calling, but the chips were soon in the middle. Both players drew two cards, and the turn and river were dealt: 7 and 4 , respectively.

Galaasen: K J 9 3 2 for king-high on the draw hand, and a straight draw that never came in on the Omaha side
Sandford: 9 J K Q 7 for king-high, better kicker on the draw, and two pair, queens and sevens for the Omaha hand

And with that, it's all over! We assume a trophy will be awarded shortly...