Good Start for Thorsrud

I was hunting for big stacks in the Main Event during the break and as I noted down 53k for Ylva Thorsrud, the lady herself piped up behind me, "I had one big pot!"

Turns out Thorsrud opened to 500 under the gun with pocket nines and got a call from Kelly Limonova to her immediate left. They saw a Q-9-4 flop with two spades on it, and Thorsrud bet out 600. Limonova made it 1.5k, Thorsrud made it 4.5k, and finally Limonova went all in for 20k. Thorsrud called and Limonova revealed KQ offsuit which failed to improve against Thorsrud's set of nines, putting Thorsrud up to a nice chunky early lead at her table and relegating Limonova to the rail. It looks like she's bought straight back in though.