How does our sports betting tournament work?

The Festival Sports Betting Tournament
The Festival Sports Betting Tournament

We assume everyone knows how poker tournaments are run and we have explanations for Roulette and Blackjack tournaments on our site. But what about a sports betting tournament?

If you have never participated in a sports betting tournament before, we have got you covered with a freeroll starting today. The gist is rather simple. You bet a set amount of chips on the results of a sports event – usually those are football games. But you’re not betting alone, you’re betting alongside many other punters. All players that get the correct results share the chips that were bet on the game. In case no player has the correct result, the players closest to it share the chips.

In our tournaments you bet on several games and your goal is to accumulate most chips.

If you want to get some sports betting tournament experience for free, check out our freeroll which starts today.

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