Huge double up for Gia Carnestroem

Full House against the chip leader: Gia Carnestroem

Now there’s some action: The current chipleader, David Vedral from Austria, is sitting at table at table 32 and enjoys almost 200k chips. Well. Enjoyed. Past tense. Because right now he lost a decent chunk of his stack and doubled up Gia Carnestroem from Sweden.

We don’t really know what happened exacty as we only arrived at the table after the river, but the board read A K K Q Q with more than 20k in the middle. Vedral bet and Carnestroem moved all-in. Vedral called after some deliberations. Showdown:

  • Vedral: A J for two pair
  • Carnstroem: A K for a flopped full house.

Gia Carnestroem more than doubled up to 70k and Vedral now is quite a bit below the 200k mark.