I almost folded!

Train wreck of a bluff catcher

We just witnessed a huge hand at table 39 between Juraj Valasky and Hadell Borgi.

We arrived at the table at the turn and the board read Q 6 4 A with 12k in the middle. Valasky bet 7.5k and Borgi quickly raised to 18k. Valasky didn’t seem fazed at all and moved all-in for a total of 44k without hesitation. Borgi now was visibly uncomfortable, mumbled some numbers, counted on his fingers, and seemed unhappy with the general situation he got himself into. Eventually he announced a call. Showdown:

  • Juraj Valasky: 6 6 for a set
  • Hadell Borgi: A 8 for a bluff catcher

Bori looked disgusted and lamented: “I almost folded”.

But he didn’t and after the river brought the 2 Borgi lost most of his stack. Valasky doubled up to over 100k and is now among the chip leaders here.