“I called a bluff and got fucked”

JJ Hazan started the day with over 100k chips but couldn’t catch a break on his second day. He managed to lose three quarters of his stack within the first 40 minutes (his explanation: "I called a bluff and got fucked"). Apparently he got rivered badly in one hand and lost a lot of chips:

Here's how he lost the rest of his stack: Hazan was all-in preflop with his last 25k against two other players at his table: Oleksandr Lizanets and Carlos Pezzia.

Lizanets still had chips behind and moved all-in on a 4 4 2 flop for 35k more. Pezzia who had both covered called.


  • JJ Hazan: A 8
  • Oleksandr Lizanets: Q Q
  • Carlos Pezzia: 10 10
  • Turn & River: Q / 10

With this hand Lizanets almost tripled up to over 100k chips. Hazan on the other hand quickly hopped over to the registration desk and bought in for another bullet.