Just another manic flush draw

Ylva Thorsrud
Ylva Thorsrud (happier times!)

In what looked like a limped pot with three players the board showed 8 4 2 . After Ylva Thursrud checked in the big blind Henry Mania bet from middle position 16k. The small blind called the bet and now Ylva moved all-in for roughly 130k. Mania thought for a second or two then exclaimed, “let’s do this” and called. The small blind folded and we got a showdown:

  • Ylva Thorsrud: 8 4 for a flopped two pair
  • Henry Mania: A 3 for a straight & flush draw

The turn and river came down Q and K giving Mania his flush (and propelling him into the chip lead in this tournament for now) and sending Thorsrud off to the rails.