Last break of the day & some chips

Nemanja Milovanovic
Current Chipleader: Nemanja Milovanovic

The Main Event went into the final break of the day and you know what that means: Chip Counts!

Those are the fron runners for today:

Nemanja Milovanovic155k
Thomas De Rooij142k
Aleksandar Tomovic128k
Skommar Hansson110k
Andras Halasi100k
Harwin Schreijmen95k
Aare Haapsal93k
Andrej Cintula91k
Vladimir Bednar90k
Dominik Desset88k
Thomas Lind88k
Bo Lindberg83k
Fredrik Boberg80k
Ylva Thorsrud75k
Michael Ugoccioni74k

Two more levels will be played before the players will bag & tag.