Let’s Get This Festival Started!

Day 1 of the inaugural Festival in Bratislava in collaboration with Banco Casino went off with a bang today, with three novel and hilariously entertaining events.

The opening event, the €200 + €20 Sviten Special, drew 37 entries, generating a €7,030 prize pool, with five places paying out. Already down to our seven-handed final table, this is now a two-day event rather than the advertised three days. The final looks like this:

Seat 1: Tobias Hausen - 116k
Seat 2: Rolf Galaasen - 380k
Seat 3: Matteo Crapanzana - 62k
Seat 4: George Sandford - 147k
Seat 5: Jens Riis - 48k
Seat 6: Peter La Terra - 242k
Seat 7: Hanna Arnesson - 106k

And this is what they’ll be playing for:

1 – €2,882
2 – €1,758
3 – €1,055
4 – €773
5 – €562

Meanwhile the €225 + €25 Blackjack Championship attracted eight runners for Day 1a, at least one of whom admitted to never having played blackjack before. Of those eight, four players progress to Day 2:

Carlos Pezzia
Matias Alanko
Andreas Hoglund
Fernando Carrillo

The €225 + €25 Roulette Championship also experienced the first of its three starting flights today - five players entered, but eight entries were registered, as Carlos Pezzia went through an impressive three rebuys on top of his initial entry before finally qualifying for Day 2, along with Matias Alanko. The absolute maximum of adrenaline-fuelled shouting at the wheel on every spin made it by far the most entertaining event so far from a spectator’s point of view, and we are all looking forward to more of that in the days to come. There are two more starting flights planned for both the blackjack and the roulette events, at 6pm and 9pm respectively, tomorrow and Wednesday.

While the numbers for the side events were on the modest side (it is Monday, to be fair), the Main Event supersat drew 123 entries, smashing the five seat guarantee - we suspect a sign of things to come when The Festival really gets into the swing of things tomorrow. Day 1a of the €500 + €50 Main Event begins at 1pm tomorrow - the first of four start days - and we’re expecting some serious numbers over the course of the week. Can’t wait. Until then - to the bar!