Life Is a Cabaret

While the Main Event ticks along nicely (currently 92 entries in Day 1c and rising rapidly), just a reminder that this is not just about the poker and so on. Away from Banco Casino, there's a whole host of, ahem, extracurricular activities going on across the week. Just look at these lovely photos from the incredibly civilised Italian dinner and wine tasting that players were treated to last night:

...Also, shout out to everyone who made it to the cabaret outing later in the evening. I regret that these were the best photos I found on my phone this morning, so I assume that it was me who took them.

Great night. At least I think it was. My head hurts. To find out what else is going on this week in Bratislava, don't forget to check The Festival app - available on your favourite app store for all phones. Take a bow, Franke.