Dowling Scowling

No luck this time - Dowling scowling

We would expend more effort reporting bustouts from the Main (players currently 170/453 so there have been a lot), but with reg still open for the foreseeable, there doesn't seem like that much point. Nevertheless, James Akenhead has vanished for a second time, and notably hasn't reappeared in the player list; same goes for Chris Dowling. Jussi Matilla apparently lasted two hands on his latest bullet, and has headed straight back to the cash desk for another. Buying into Day 1d right now gets you something like 20 big blinds. That's loads, right?

Meanwhile the turbo format Day 1e was supposed to be starting at 8, but looks like it's been pushed back to 9pm owing to a lack of available tables. Reg stays open right through Level 14 tomorrow.