Aaron Kupin Brings OFC Title to the USA

Aaron Kupin traveled out to Europe with his girlfriend from his home state of Florida. He was looking for some poker action and saw all the mixed games on offer at The Festival Series Malta and opted to come out and see what it is all about.

Kupin eliminated the final two players on the bubble in the €250 OFC Event and then zoomed ahead to win the €2,880 to bring the OFC trophy back to the USA.

The OFC attracted 28 entries to create an €8,206 prize pool. Here is a look at the payouts:

1Aaron Kupin€2,880
2Thibaut Yoccoz€2,016
3Kornel Kielbik€1,440
4Teemu Hietala€1,050
5Maksymilian Gora€820
Aaron Kupin