Andreas Sanden Wins the PLO Midnight Madness After Five-Way Deal

Andreas Sanden agreed to a five-way deal with Sami Pulliainen, Peder Behr, Toomas Orm, and Julien Teissedre before being crowned the champion in the €125 PLO Midnight Madness on Saturday evening to win €1,600. Two players in Orm and Teissedre collected more but Sanden was crowned the champion.

1Andreas Sanden€1,600
2Sami Pulliainen€1,530
3Peder Behr€1,250
4Toomas Orm€1,800
5Julien Teissedre€1,740
6Rita Paus€560
7Marius Morel€410
8Erik Ohnstad€325
9Allan Arjut€285