Big Stack Watch

While the players (279 / 303) went on a break we counted some chips and oh boy! We already have three players with more than 100k chips. Emmanouil Zacharakis appears to be the chip leader with roughly 140k chips amassed already.

Please note that those counts are only from the tables in the main event area, we didn't have the time to eyeball the outer tables. We will during the next break!

Emmanouil Zacharakis140,000467
Martin Gregor124,000413
Ante Mazarekic115,000383
John Tunstall85,000283
Ongorur Mehmet73,000243
Stylianos Matsentidis72,000240
David Courselles67,000223
Per Egil Kroken67,000223
Mark Berman67,000223
Knut Erik Grønli64,000213
Elia Ferrandina64,000213
Giorgio Soceanu64,000213
Miroslav Druga60,000200
Givi Baramidze60,000200
Riben Rasmussen60,000200
Stig Moen60,000200
Oerjahn Winther56,000187
Erol Hamid55,000183
Vincent Picard55,000183
Antonino Karman53,000177
Kristiyan Spasov50,000167
Zoltan Lanszki50,000167
Adnan Toric49,000163
Morten Vian49,000163
Georgiou Vasos48,000160
Sandor Leitenroth48,000160
Andreas Pavli47,000157
Oeystein Brenden46,000153
Igor Panak45,000153
Karlo Finka45,000150
Vlantouts Kourka45,000150