Brenden Oystein Wins the Main Event (€60,900) After Eliminating Balazs Solomi in 2nd Place (€40,500)

€550 Main Event
Level 32: 100,000/200,000 (200,000)
Entries: 1/617

The Festival Series Malta €550 Main Event is in the books with Oystein Brenden claiming the trophy and the €60,700, while Balazs Somodi collected the healthy €40,500 runner-up prize.

Brenden entered Day 2 in second place and had the chip lead to start the day. However, he didn’t have a big stack at the final table and took a bad beat to leave him short soon after.

He rebounded and was crowned the latest The Festival Series Main Event champion after the following two hand:

Brenden opened for 450,000 with K K from the button and was called by Somodi with Q 3 from the big blind.

Somodi check-raised his flush draw on the 5 6 8 flop from 400,000 to 1,400,000. Brenden three-bet his overpair to 2,400,000 and Somodi called.

The 2 turn also gave Somodi a gutshot straight draw on top of his flush draw with one more card to come.

Somodi checked before Brenden fired out for 2 million. Somodi called for more than half his stack and the 3 river completed the board to give Somodi bottom pair. This wasn’t enough and Brenden won the hand and had Somodi down to just 7 big blinds after taking down the pot.

The next hand, Solomi jammed his short stack with 8 7 from the button and was up against the K 7 held by Brenden after he called from the big blind.

The 5 3 7 9 K board improved Solomi to a pair but he was out of chips as Brenden improved to two pair to win the tournament.

A massive congrats to Brenden for winning the Main Event for €60,900! Here is a look at the final table payouts:

1Brenden OysteinNorway€60,700
2Balazs SomodiHungary€40,500
3Luigi D'AlterioItaly€27,900
4Dario BaroneUnited Kingdom€20,300
5Stian NostdahlNorway€14,560
6Andreas HolmstenSweden€10,950
7Matthew MicallefMalta€8,350
8Gytis JuskeviciusLithuania€6,250
9Mischa WietenNetherlands€5,150

This brings us to a conclusion of our reporting of The Festival Series Malta. We will post the full payouts of the Main Event shortly. Tomorrow, The Festival Series will publish an article about a recap of the Main Event with an overall recap of The Festival Series Malta coming later in the week. Thank you for tuning in and until the next time at The Festival Series Bratislava at Banco Casino from Nov. 27 to Dec. 3.