Dario Barone Eliminated in 4th Place (€20,300)

€550 Main Event
Level 31: 80,000/160,000 (160,000)
Entries: 3/617

Dario Barone jammed for 3.2 million from under the gun and was called by Oystein Brenden from the small blind.

Dario Barone: A 9
Oystein Brenden: 10 10

Brenden’s tens were not only good, but he further improved to a set on the 10 J K flop. Barone still had some thin hope with a gutshot to Broadway but this wasn’t meant to be with the 3 turn and 6 river completing the board.

Barone’s fourth-place finish was worth €20,300. Meanwhile, Brenden, who began the day with the chip lead, snagged the chip lead for the first time at the final table with Somodi not miles behind.

Oystein Brenden - 8.9 million
Balazs Somodi - 7.4 million
Luigi D’Alterio - 2.2 million
Oystein Brenden - 0

Dario Barone