Day 1a of the €250 Bratislava Deepstack Begins

The first of three opening flights kicked off in the €250 Bratislava Deepstack. The stacks are indeed deeper than the €550 Mixed Main Event HORSES with The Festival Series organizers adding 100 chips to everyone's stack giving all players a starting stack of 30,100.

Several players got a laugh about the starting stack.

"It is a deep stack," was the response by the floor with a smile when asked about the extra 100 chips.

Players will enjoy 16 blind levels of 30 minutes each during Day 1a with unlimited re-entries permitted for the first 10 blind levels providing plenty of opportunities to build a monsterous stack.

Elisabeth Balasz, who unsuccessfully fired three bullets in the satellite that is still ongoing, is among the players in the field. Also in battle from the initial dozen players to enter the action were Per Gjelten, Tauno Loodus, Adrian Ivasiuc, Runar Borge, Karl Nydahl, Arman Nersisyan, Joel Baxter, and Linus Elmes.

Best of luck to all of the deep-stack players!