Eirik Beats Eric

Level 21: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)
Entries: 26/552

Eirik Kristiansen opened for 45,000 from early position before Eric Wasylenko jammed for about 600,000 from late position. Kristiansen called off for 495,000 and players turned over their cards.

Eirik Kristiansen: K K
Eric Wasylenko: K J

Kristiansen had a sweat after the turn with the 10 4 3 2 on the board.

"Not now," Kristiansen said in hopes of no spade coming on the river. The flush didn't come for Wasylenko who was down to just a handful of big blinds after the 6 completed the board on the river.

Eirik Kristiansen - 1 million
Eric Wasylenko - 100K