Engvall to Donate Half His Winnings to Swedish Breast Cancer Foundation

Oskar Engvall is quietly building a stack and is on 70,000. Reporters aren't supposed to choose favorites but in this case, I won't be shy to say I am rooting for Engvall to win The Festival Series Tallinn trophy along with what promises to be a massive top prize.

It isn't just because Engvall is a good dude. There are lots of amazing ladies and men in the field. It is because Engvall plans to donate half his earnings in the Main Event to the Swedish Breast Cancer Foundation.

Unfortunately, Engvall's sister (and our colleague Jesper Larsson's wife) is suffering from terminal breast cancer. The family is supportive but it can't be easy.

Much love to Oskar and we will be cheering you on whether we are supposed to be independent or not. #TeamOskar

Oskar Engvall
Oskar Engvall