Franke is the “Nittiest Person at the Table”?

Players are having a blast in the €250 HORSE event, which now has 51 entries on Level 4 with still more than four levels of late registration to go. The Festival Series founder Martin "Franke" von Zweigbergk was low on chips early but now has a bit more than a starting stack.

We asked Allan Arjut, who is playing at the same table as Franke what he thought of Franke's play today.

"Well, I mean he hasn't shown 6-9 yet," Arjut said with a smile. "He is such a nit! The nittiest person at the table. He only plays aces and when he had them they held."

"I don't agree with that," Franke responded. "During the first two orbits I forgot we were playing Razz. I even folded the nuts."

Ali Oznesil is also having fun at the table and we asked him what makes this event special.

"It's always fun to play mixed games," Oznesil said. "They are fun and always social. This makes them much more preferable to me."

We found another reason Oznesil is having fun as he eliminated Arjut as we were typing up this post. We also learned that he eliminated the first player to hit the rail with Ingo Klasen hitting the rail during Level 3. Oznesil may not eliminate all the players in the field but at least he has the honor of ousting the first two.

Martin "Franke" von Zweigbergk