Gerhard Brimmers Wins the 49+ Seniors

The €250 Seniors 49+ was a fun event invented by The Festival Series. The main reason it was created is that Franke is just one year shy of 50. So while this was a seniors event there were several players including Franke that were a mere 49 years old.

Franke managed a good run. He built up a big stack and left the table for a period of time to play Day 2 of the €250 Mystery Bounty simultaneously. Eventually, Franke bubbled the event and the title a little while later went to Gerhard Brimmers after he feated Dieter Falzon heads-up. Both Leif Iversen and Jari-Pekka Rattya also cashed in this fun event.

1Gerhard Brimmers€1,950
2Dieter Falzon€1,450
3Leif Iversen€902
4Jari-Pekka Rattya€450