Groundhog’s Day in the HORSES

Attention mixed game players. The structure of the €550 Mixed Main Event HORSES became even deeper with tournament organizers opting to play Level 4 (500-1,000-2,000) twice. This was promised to be the only rule change and was done in consent with all the dozen players in action.

Unfortunately, Martin Smith will have to try again either today or on one of the other two opening flights as he was the second player on the rail in the HORSES event after Eva "Chic" Jiretorn was the first player out of the event.

Speaking of Jiretorn, she is having a blast in the €125 Crazy Pineapple and is pushing for this reporter to join in the mix to make it even more "crazy" than it already is.

"I set a new record as just played my fourth hand," Jiretorn said. "Last time, I only lasted three hands."

Franke did mention that we "should" try reporting on action from a first-hand perspective. Although plenty of things are in this reporter's comfort zone, that would be a first so for now it is only a "definite maybe" that I will play something this week.

Martin Smith