Guido Stanzione Wins the Midnight Madness (€2,250)

Guido Stanzione

The €125 Texas Friday Turbo Midnight Madness was another fun event that didn't begin until 11 p.m. in the evening. The event attracted 64 entries to create a €6,758 prize pool. Guido Stanzione won the event for €2,250 after defeating Gianmarco Scannapiego heads-up. Here are all of the payouts in the PLO/PLO8.

1Guido Sanzione€2,250
2Gianmarco Scannapiego€1,430
3Hege Fosse€910
4Karev Tralla€680
5Andre Sorm€530
6Rena Postema€400
7Theodoros Konstantinidis€308
8Alexandr Kornijenko€250