Gyorgi Simon Eliminated in 4th Place (£12,592)

Main Event Day 3
Level 32: 800,000/1,600,000 (1,600,000)
Entries: 3/609

What a cooler for Gyorgi Simon to hit the rail in fourth place.

Simon jammed for 8.3 million from the small blind and was called by Ignacio Menendez from the big blind.

Gyorgi Simon: 10 10
Ignacio Menendez: 9 7

Simon seemed set to double his stack after nailing a set on the 10 4 3 flop. However, the 5 turn and 6 river improved Menendez to a straight and Simon was eliminated in fourth place.

Meanwhile, Menendez took a substantial chip lead after the hand.

Ignacio Menendez - 61 million
Gyorgi Simon - 0

Gyorgy Simon