“How Easy is It?”

The €250 HORSE Event was another popular mixed game event at The Festival Series Malta with 69 entries forming a €14,904 prize pool. Players were visibly having fun all event long.

The Festival Series Founder Martin "Franke" von Zweigbergk was low on chips early on. But he ran his stack up before taking many unscheduled breaks. He even sat out the first portion of the final table.

However, when there were four players left, Franke had the chip lead and made a deal with Antti Tianen, Petri Juurikkala, and Per Gjelten where each of the four players collected a €2,850 payout.

"How easy is it?" Franke said after the win before joking. "I don't even know all the rules and yet still won against HORSE pros like Sascha Manns."

Franke is being modest as last year he took third place in the EPT Prague €550 HORSE. Congrats to Franke for winning the trophy and all of the players that cashed this fun mixed-game event.

1Martin "Franke" von Zweigbergk€2,850
2Antti Tianen€2,850
3Petri Juurikkala€2,850
4Per Gjelten€2,850
5Julien Teissedre€980
6Martin Smith€790
7Eva Jiretorn€650
8Igor Panak€560
9Mikael Grovnik€504