JJ with J-8

PokerListings Championship Day 1b
Level 12: 10,000/15,000 (15,000)
Entries: 28/128

The action is down to just 28 players out of the original field of 128 entries on Day 1b of the £120 PokerListings Championship. After nine more players hit the rail, the remaining 19 players will head to Day 2 in the money.

The Festival Series PLO Masterclass Host JJ Hazan ran cold on his first bullet but is running much better on his second.

Hazan shared he got it in with the nut-straight holding jack-eight on a ten-nine-seven flop with two diamonds and was looked up by two players to create a massive seven-figure pot. One had a lesser straight with eight-six and another held pocket rockets.

Blanks came the rest of the way and Hazan was nearly double the average with 1.6 million in chips after the hand.