Kelly Playing Her First Tournament

The €250 OFC Tournament is about to begin. We sat down with Frank Visser's girlfriend Kelly who is in Malta. She never played a poker tournament before but has some practice playing at home with Frank.

"I am nervous about playing my first poker tournament," Kelly said. "But I am excited to be to playing!"

We were curious about how she got into OFC.

"I learned how to play with my boyfriend Frank (Visser) at home," Kelly shared. "I enjoyed playing right away and got the hang of it. I learned what the good options were or not. I also got an app afterward and play with Frank and my friends.

Kelly has been playing for about half a year but when there was an OFC tournament at The Festival Malta she couldn't resist.

"We were planning to come here anyway and I saw there was an OFC tournament and decided to give it a shot," Kelly said. "I will be happy with the experience regardless of whether I win or not. In fact, I don't expect to win, I just hope for a fun experience."

Kelly's OFC knowledge doesn't only come from Frank.

"My biggest inspiration is Wouter Beltz (Sorry Frank)," Kelly said. "I learned quite a lot from this. Halfway joking as I wouldn't have gotten involved in playing OFC if not for Frank. He also taught me a lot too. We will see how it goes."

We wish Kelly and the rest of the 15 players already registered with more to come the best of luck!