Kristoffer Winterstein Out in 3rd Place (€22,040)

Level 28: 50,000 / 100,000 (100,000)
Entries: 2 / 552

Kristoffer Winterstein
Kristoffer Winterstein

Kristoffer Winterstein was the short stack among Kristiansen and Mähönen and also the most active player among the three. Now he jammed on the button with K 6 for roughly 2,200,000. After he had been seen jamming Q-7 from the button Jari Mähönen elected to call in the big blind with K Q .

The board ran out A Q 10 3 A , awarding Mähönen the pot.

Winterstein is out in 3rd place and receives a bit over 22,000 Euros for his ambitious plays in this tournament.

Jari Mähönen and Eirik Kristiansen are on a short break before the heads-up will commence.