Kupin Busts Two to Send Players in the Money in the OFC

The €250 OFC is in the money after Aaron Kupin busted both Frank Visser and Lars Eklund out of the event on the money bubble in the same hand. The event attracted 38 entries to create a prize pool of €8,206.

Kupin shared with us that he traveled from the United States to play in The Festival Series. He was coming to Europe anyway to visit his girlfriend's home country of Romania and was looking at The Hendon Mob to see what events were happening in Europe during that time. He shared that he chose to come to Malta as the mixed-game schedule was enticing and exciting. It didn't hurt that we hosted the first of two OFC events today, which he shared was his favorite game.

Now, Kupin has his girlfriend on the rail after reaching the money for at least a min-cash of €820 with more to come if he can win the event to bank the €2,880 top prize.

Maksimillian Gora, Teemu Hietela, Kornel Kiebik, and Thibault Yoccoz are also all in the money contending for the title. Good luck to all of the final five players.

Here are some photos of the OFC event by Mairo Toom: