Lucky Double With Trip Nines for Holmsten

€550 Main Event
Level 27: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)
Entries: 9/617

Dario Barone raised to 130,000 from the lojack before Andreas Holmsten three-bet shoved for 335,000 from the button. Barone called and the cards were turned over.

Andreas Holmsten: A 9
Dario Barone: A J

It was looking like showers for Holmsten as he was a 2:1 underdog. He fell further behind on the 3 7 5 flop. However, everything changed after the 9 spiked the turn to improve Holmsten to a pair. He still had a sweat as the same card also gave Barone the nut-flush draw and his jack was still live as well.

The 9 river paired the board for Holmsten to get a lucky double with trip nines instead of hitting the rail in ninth place.

Dario Barone - 3.6 million
Andreas Holmsten - 760,000

Andreas Holmsten