Mantas Petrauskas Wins Big in the Cash Game Challenge

Earlier this week, Lithuania's Mantas Petrauskas won the €250 Heads-Up tournament for €2,480. He will be highlighted again tonight after winning the most in the €5/€5 no-limit hold'em Cash Game Challenge with a profit of €1,624 good for 324.8 big blinds.

This is still a galaxy away from the €6,300 for 3,150 big blinds won by our very own Martin "Franke" von Zweigbergk in a €2/€2 pot-limit Omaha Cash Game Challenge earlier this week.

DateGameWinnerAmountBig Blinds
May 15€2/€2 NLHEHugo Loustrau€416208
May 15€2/€2 PLOMartin "Franke" von Zweigbergk€6,3003,150
May 16€2/€2 NLHETobias Bollman€610305
May 16€2/€2 PLOJack Holland€637318.5
May 17€2/€2 PLOMartins Geiba€1,008504
May 18€2/€2 PLOAdam Briggs€560280
May 18€2/€2 NLHEAdam Briggs€532266
May 19€5/€5 NLHEMantas Petrauskas€1,624324.8